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Best Rotoscope Company in India

Rotoscoping- An Animation That Looks Believable

Frame Founder Studio is the Best Rotoscope Company in India. We deliver the best animation for your movie and know all possibilities available for VFX solutions. We have been active in this industry for over eight years providing the Best Rotoscoping Service. We produce realistic actions, motion pictures, live-action movies, motion picture videos, etc. Our skilled VFX team is an expert in replacing any scenarios you prefer. They will make your raw footage into a stunning scene. Our top-notch rotoscoping animation services allow you to make engaging films that attract viewers. As a leading rotoscope company in India, we sincerely take care of clients’ requirements and give a realistic touch to your story at a reasonable rate.

Is rotoscoping a VFX technique frequently used in post-production to connect animated and live-action parts easily?

Rotoscoping is a VFX technique used in post-production to connect animated and live-action scenes easily. Nowadays, every film industry needs effective rotoscoping services for their motion pictures, TV shows, and animated films. Rotoscoping is used in post-production to create a smooth transition between animated and live-action scenes. live-action movie material is traced over frame by frame to create an animation that looks believable.

Is Rotoscope animation easy?

In the rotoscope animation process, whether single or multiple, every component in the frame is traced separately. Rotoscoping can be a time-consuming process and requires plenty of patience. Animators will carefully trace the actions and details of live-action topics and make sure that the animated pieces match the environment and motions of the live-action scene.

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Our Various Rotoscoping Services

Spline Creation

Spline creation, which is essential for rotoscoping involves creating roto components by creating curves or open poly shapesIn rotoscoping, splines are used to draw paths or curves that specify the outlines of the roto parts. The outlines of items or persons in a scene can be drawn by modifying these splines. Understanding spline creation proves essential for shaping organic and complex digital forms within virtual environments.

Point Track and After Effects Mocha

It is especially useful for complex shapes to track. By combining the after-effects point track and after-effects mocha we can achieve more accurate outcomes, especially for complex tracking scenarios.

Motion Blur Roto ans Hair Roto

Motion tracking is used for match moving. It is used to differentiate pixels or sub-pixels. With this technology, our rotoscoping solutions capture any object’s movement and produce high-quality movies. While cloth roto works on fabric motion, motion blur roto captures the actual blurred edges of objects. In the hair roto, each hair is carefully traced.

Stereo Roto

There are two forms of VFX stereo roto. One is stereo conversion which is used to create distance views.  We use the extra virtual camera for creating stereo distortion. We also separate parts in mono-shot sequences as part of our rotoscoping VFX outsourcing services. Another one is stereo workflow, in this process, we take sequential shots of the same item from a fixed viewpoint but from different angles

We have the Best Rotoscoping example hence proof we are a professional Rotoscope Company in India

Our highly qualified rotoscoping experts ensure that they provide the highest quality results by using advanced animation technology. Our team is composed of experienced and highly talented animators with a strong knowledge of design, art, and color theory. Their ability will produce excellent outcomes at a reasonable price.

Our rotoscoping animation services also include manual rotoscope drawing shape (Blocking method, Pose to pose), roto brush after effects, object removal from the video, video cleanup & roto paint, matte painting, motion graphics, video editing, etc. As a rotoscope company in India and an esteemed VFX service provider, we care for your audience and are more focused on a faster solution without considering quality reduction and cost hikes.

Other Services That You May Find Useful

Chroma Keying Service

Chroma keying is a popular process. It’s a green or blue screen removal technique. In this technique, we replace these screens with a different image or video.

Compositing Service

We are a top-rated VFX compositing outsourcing company in India. In the composting process, advanced processes are used to smoothly combine different visual elements. Outsourcing VFX compositing services improves production quality by precisely blending.

Color Grading Service

Professional color grading VFX service available in India at Frame Founder. We have the best Color grading services in India to provide visually appealing videos. And color grading offers expert changes for tone, mood, and style.

Video Cleanup Service

We have the best Video cleanup services in India. Through video cleanup, we can produce a refined result for your final product. We focus on object removal from video and careful video cleanup.

What Makes Our Rotoscoping Company the Best Choice?

  • We have the best VFX services and we are committed to providing excellent quality for outstanding results.
  • Your data is equally important to us and we follow safety protocols for it.
  • Our professionals make sure that project deadlines are always fulfilled.
  • We offer the best rotoscoping animation services because we have a highly professional technical team with expertise who produce the best results.
  • In unforeseen disruptions like natural disasters, pandemics, etc. we offer backup plans and guarantee that your projects are finished on deadlines.
  • We download all of your video material from safe servers and platforms. After finishing to guard against safety risks and data attacks we send it via secure methods.
  • All of our pricing is reasonable. The pricing will depend on the specific tools we use and the expertise levels of the people working on your project and if you decide to work with a leading rotoscope company in India.

We deliver rotoscoping services – USA, Europe, and India. If you’re on the hunt for the best VFX Rotoscoping Services in India, get in touch with us now.


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